Inner Wheel Club, District 2 of South East Scotland describes:

Inner Wheel Clubs throughout the world Comprises the Womenfolk of Rotarians and is now the second largest womens organisation in the world with over 103,700 members. Inner Wheel concentrates upon friendship and personal service. It is not what is termed a money raising organisation but each club selects its own Charities and Channels of Service. One of the greatest features of Inner Wheel is the opportunity given to members the world over to get to know one another thus contributing to International Friendship and Understanding. To be a member of Inner Wheel is a privilege that can usually only be enjoyed by the wife, widow or member of a Rotarian’s household.

Like Rotary the Inner Wheel is divided into local clubs and Districts after being first proposed by Mrs Golding in January 1928. Her aim was to unite all Ladies Rotarian groups under the Inner Wheel umbrella. In 1929, the aims and objects of Inner Whel were stated – “to promote true firendship and the devlopment of acquaintance as an opportunity for service and the betterment of social conditions”. The emblem quickly followed which is the Rotary wheel with another smaller wheel within. In 1934, the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in Great Britain and Ireland was formed with 79 founder clubs.

World-wide expansion led to the success of Inner Wheel. The International Inner Wheel was formed in 1967 which covered some 9 countries. Inner Wheel now stretches throughout 84 countries. The importance of InnerWheel can be seen from its consultancy status it has with the United Nations (NGO).

Service takes many forms such as overseas projects, emergency aid and domestic charity support. All is dependent on the clubs personal choice – this can be locally or District projects.Service combined with friendship is often found in assisting Rotary projects.

The Inner Wheel is a charitable organisation which is committee run based on annual elections. Like Rotary Clubs, Presidents hold office for one year only. Other officers hold office for up to three years.

Vision and Mission

Inner Wheel Clubs of the Philippines, Inc. is the dynamic organization of committed women bound by friendship and dedicated to selfless service to humanity.

Selflessness in friendship and service to humanity by providing needed assistance and undertaking special projects for the community, the youth, the elderly and the marginalized sectors of society.

Core Values

  • Friendship
  • Integrity
  • Responsible Volunterism
  • Dedication and Commitment
  • Compassion
  • Relevance

Objectives of Inner Wheel

  • To promote true friendship
  • To encourge the ideals of personal service
  • To foster international understanding

Inner Wheel Pledge

Upon my faith and honor, I dedicate myself
To the universal cause that is mankind
And solemnly vow to give substance by deed not word
To the Inner Wheel Creed:
“Selflessness in Friendship
And Service to Humanity”

Areas of Service

  • Health
  • Education
  • Socio-economic
  • Ecology And Environment

Areas of Concern

  • Membership
  • National Directed & Special Projects
  • Practices & Traditions
  • Constitution & By Laws / Policies
  • Documentation / IWCPI Archives
  • Finance and Assets

Inner Wheel Prayer

Instill in us, O Lord the true meaning of friendship
Never let us forget that we are all Thy children.
Notwithstandingthe differences in our cultures and creeds
Endow us with a desire to serve our fellowmen.
Remember that we, too often need help.
Whenever or wherever the need for services arises
Help us to be ready to serve.
Endeavoring to make our badge of Inner Wheel worthwhile
Ensuring that we have not lived in vain.

Red Rose of Friendship

As the years fly fast away
we in our minds are searching
things that still can make us happy
from the past.

What can be for us a light
on the way we have to travel
making memories of friendship
and of love?

The red rose of True friendship
that can make you feel happy,
take good care of the red rose
in your heart.

If some day you would feel sad
what will very likely happen,
everyday may not be sunny,
bright and gay,

then remember your red rose
and that friends for you are waiting
who can give you help and friendship

Make that red rose grow and blossom
from one land to another
and be thousands of roses
round the world.
Make the friendship among us
shape a wreath full of goodness
linking people together
round the world.